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Mi Service Tips

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MI Service Tips

This article is about tips on MI Smartphone using it effectively. we are going with Mi 9 model to see all the tips. 

Mi nine home screen tips

Whether you’re a Xiaomi fan or associate degree golem fan, there’s lots you’ll be able to do round the home screen to cater the expertise to your preference.

Change the wallpaper: Long persist the wallpaper of your home screen and you’ll see the wallpaper icon bottom left. faucet this and you’ll bear to wallpapers to settle on. you’ll be able to make a choice from animated, photos you’ve taken or pre-installed. you’ll be able to select what you wish on the house screen, lock screen or each. you’ll be able to conjointly access widgets within the same place.

Add or take away app vault: Xiaomi contains a screen the left of the house screen that it calls “app vault”. This contains app shortcuts for stuff you may wish to induce to quickly. to show if off, long persist the wallpaper and hit settings > additional > app vault. Here you’ll be able to flip it off.

Add/remove device maintenance choices from recent apps: Xiaomi likes to push its maintenance apps (cleaning, security) and can conjointly proffer then up in recent apps. If you don’t wish them, head into the house screen settings as higher than and choose settings > additional > to show suggestions. you’ll be able to flip those suggestions on or off. you’ll be able to even have the RAM standing displayed here.

Create or delete a folder: There’s no possibility for associate degree apps receptacle within the default MIUI launcher, therefore to stay things tidy, folders will extremely facilitate. simply long persist associate degree app and drag it over another app to form a folder. To delete a folder, you’ll be able to on an individual basis drag apps out onto the background, or, if it’s a giant folder, open the folder and long persist the wallpaper. you’ll be able to then choose all the apps and drag them call at one go.

Make your folders open faster: MIUI’s handling of folders is pretty basic, however you’ll be able to build them open quicker victimization the accessibility settings to kill animations. Head into settings > extra settings > accessibility > take away animations. This changes quite ton of things, folders, notification shade, menu navigation. It makes it all quicker, however you would possibly not just like the results.

Change the launcher: If you actually don’t just like the Mi launcher (home screen and apps tray), switch launcher can quickly modification that. realize the launcher you wish on Google Play and install it. after you press the Home button you’ll get a selection of launcher, simply choose the new app and tick the “remember my choice” box. To access launchers once this, long persist the wallpaper to access home screen settings > settings > additional > default launcher and you’ll be able to modification your choice. you’ll be able to conclude additional regarding golem launchers here.

So these are some of the tips you can use it on your Mi 9 phone to optimise the display settings. More Mi service tips will be added in the future article for customer reference. if you have any doubts you are always welcome to visit our Mi Service Center in Chennai.

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